The Intelligent Car Coalition (ICC) is one of many groups supporting a bill in the California legislature that would streamline permitting requirements for small cells, helping bring the societal benefits of connected and automated vehicles to consumers.

Small cells – antennas about the size of a pizza box attached to streetlights and utility poles – are the backbone of the new generation wireless communications networks called ‘5G’ which will enable cars, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians to connect to their road environments in ways that were never before possible.

“Advanced 4G and 5G connectivity are crucial parts of the wireless communications network that can make transportation safer, more time-efficient, and less costly,” says ICC Executive Director Catherine McCullough. “It doesn’t make sense to allow hundreds of local jurisdictions to apply decades-old rules to small cell deployment when we know that real-time communication between vehicles and road infrastructure, other vehicles, and vulnerable road users – such as pedestrians and emergency workers – can help avoid deadly crashes, improve traffic flow, save emissions, and much more.”

The bill, SB 649, has passed the California Senate and is now making its way through the Assembly. To see a fact sheet on the bill, click here.

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