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The merging of communications technologies and transportation is creating exciting opportunities to make us safer on the roads, reduce our carbon footprints, and improve our quality of life. Consumers are thrilled that their vehicles are becoming the “ultimate mobile devices” and in Washington policymakers are looking at this rapidly-moving industry.

What We Do

The Intelligent Car Coalition gathers leading stakeholders in the auto, communications and tech industries to talk about policy issues, share ideas, build relationships, establish joint policy stances and thought leadership, and advocate for innovation in the connected and autonomous car fields.

We meet regularly in Washington to share policy information, and we encourage the establishment of relationships across previously separate sectors. After gathering the thoughts of our members, we work with them to get their thoughts across on issues such as data use, cybersecurity, distracted driving/driver attention, innovation, and autonomous vehicle policies by engaging in key Washington policy happenings and national gatherings, publishing articles in media publications, writing white papers, and more.

We evangelize the benefits of intelligent car technologies not just for individual consumers, but also for our society as a whole. We want policies that speed beneficial technologies to market, and we help policymakers think about ways to resolve challenges that may arise in the fast-moving digital age.

Who Should Join

Stakeholders in the industry who care about how Washington impacts innovation should consider membership. It started with automakers and the wireless industry, but now app developers, insurers, cybersecurity and privacy companies and more are being pulled into the Washington debate. Join the Coalition and we can speak up together.

How to Join

For more information about Coalition membership, contact Executive Director Catherine McCullough at