WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) has joined the Intelligent Car Coalition, the leading advocacy group for pro-innovation connected car public policies.

Motor vehicle suppliers play a leading role in the development of advanced vehicle technologies that enhance vehicle safety, improve fuel efficiency, and enable vehicles to communicate with one another.

In joining the Intelligent Car Coalition, MEMA will be working with leading companies and trade associations in the communications and automotive industries on legislative and regulatory matters before Congress and the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Members of the Coalition advocate on public policy issues critical to the development of connected cars such as privacy, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicle technology, innovation policy, and more.

Ann Wilson, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for MEMA stated that “by working with the Intelligent Car Coalition, MEMA will join with a diverse group of stakeholders working with Congress and NHTSA as the automotive industry is further transformed by technology and innovation.”

“Connected cars benefit all of society by using advanced technologies to save lives, time, money, and carbon emissions,” said Catherine McCullough, Executive Director of the Coalition.

“Vehicle suppliers are an important part of the growing connected car ecosystem,” McCullough said. “Suppliers are bringing innovations to market at a rapid place, and the speed with which these advanced technologies are appearing on our roads has an impact on public policy. The Intelligent Car Coalition is a place where industry stakeholders promote public policies to help ensure that lifesaving connected car innovations reach consumers quickly.”

The mission of the Intelligent Car Coalition is to advocate for public policies that bring the benefits of innovation at the intersection of automotive and communications technologies to consumers and promote safety, mobility, and transportation efficiency on our nation’s roads and highways. (