We think the connected car can fundamentally change the way policymakers see data, sustainability, and auto safety policy.  We even wrote a blog about it in The Huffington Post.

Our top five takeaways?  Here is a brief peek.  Read the full story.

A car is not a toaster.  Certainly the car is one of the most tangible in the IoT, but a connected car is not the same as other connected machines.  It’s complicated.

The benefits of connected car innovations will be widely felt.  As we’ve said for the past two years, connected cars will save lives, save time, save money, save fuel and reduce carbon emissions; they are more than mere conveniences or consumer toys.

The connected car ecosystem is big, and consumers benefit when the parties get together.  Consumers – even ones who don’t own cars – benefit from this phenomenon.

Spectrum, spectrum, spectrum.  Wireless systems depend on spectrum, the electromagnetic waves that communications signals travel on; it is the ‘fuel’ of wireless.

Connected cars may change the way we look at data.  When we share connected car data we can also help more than just ourselves.

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