January 26, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Innova EV has become a member of the Intelligent Car Coalition, the leading advocacy group for pro-innovation connected car public policies. The merging of communications technologies and transportation is creating exciting opportunities to improve safety on the roads, reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life.

Innova EV’s connected car, the Dash electric vehicle, has built its reputation in first mile and last mile sustainable mobility. In addition to being connected and offering a net-zero emissions transportation option, the Dash is positioned to work together with mass transit to provide end-to-end shared mobility. Car sharing helps alleviate parking and traffic congestion as population trends towards urban densification increase.

With over 40 sensors and 13” HD display, the vehicles improve safety, offer personalized digital experience, and report on many key metrics such as remaining battery life and system diagnostics. The advanced telematics, which connect best-in-class product and service providers, position Innova EV well for its planned 2016 foray into autonomous driving. In partnership with Verizon, Innova EV leverages 4G LTE, security and Verizon’s Things Cloud application to deliver a shared e-mobility service.

By joining the Intelligent Car Coalition, Innova EV will be able to drive continued awareness around its American-made Dash vehicle, as well as its EV car-sharing platform on university campuses and cities throughout 2016. Roman Kuropas, CEO, President + Founder of Innova EV stated, “This new membership connects us with an organization that is central to what is happening in the transportation and intelligent connected car space.”

“We’re excited about the technology and policy aspects of the Intelligent Car Coalition, especially in terms of what’s happening in Washington DC,” Kuropas noted. “It’s the perfect combination of what the industry and government are doing in the intelligent connected car space.”

“Innova’s Dash is an example of how society can benefit when advanced transportation and connectivity come together,” said Catherine McCullough, Executive Director of the Intelligent Car Coalition.

In joining the Intelligent Car Coalition, Innova will be working with leading companies and trade associations in the communications and automotive industries such as AT&T, the Auto Alliance, CTIA – the Wireless Association, Global Automakers, Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), and Verizon on legislative and regulatory matters before Congress and the federal agencies.

The mission of the Intelligent Car Coalition is to advocate for public policies that bring the benefits of innovation at the intersection of automotive and communications technologies to consumers and promote safety, mobility and transportation efficiency on our nation’s roads and highways. To learn more about the ICC, see www.intelligentcarcoalition.org.

Learn more about Innova and the Dash electric vehicle at www.innovaevcarshare.com.




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