ICC Expands Mission Statement to Encompass Larger Transportation Ecosystem

The ICC is excited to announce a new mission statement that reflects its work with the larger transportation ecosystem. The new mission is to “promote transportation innovations that are beneficial to consumers and to encourage safety, mobility, and efficiency for all in our nation’s transportation ecosystem.”

The ICC’s mission largely keeps the group’s priorities where they have always been. The mission:

  • Keeps the ICC’s commitment to communicating about and advocating for beneficial transportation innovations
  • Maintains the ICC’s commitment to promoting societal benefits and earning public trust and consumer acceptance
  • Reflects the view that the ICC has always held – that the consumer is at the center of the transportation ecosystem, and will be the ultimate decider of how that ecosystem is shaped

At the same time, the new statement better captures the ICC’s widened attention on the entire transportation ecosystem – across modes, and also across industries critical to weaving transportation innovations into the fabric of those modes, and other platforms such as smart cities and infrastructure.

“The ICC has always understood that the consumer shapes the future of transportation, and must find value in innovation. That’s why we sparked the discussion six years ago about the societal benefits of new technologies in the transportation ecosystem. That ecosystem includes not just vehicles but also other modes and platforms such as smart cities – combined with vital ecosystem elements such as automation, data, sensors, infrastructure, and connectivity,” Catherine McCullough, Executive Director of the ICC said. “We will work with stakeholders across the ecosystem who are bringing this value – saving consumers’ lives, time, and money.”

In addition to keeping our members informed about regulators’ actions and marketplace moves, the ICC is embarking on exciting work this year, such as:

  • Working with non-governmental and academic organizations to identify best practices in the future of transportation
  • Discussing critical policy that will shape the future of transportation with influencers at top thought leadership venues such as SXSW2019
  • Submitting public comments to government on issues such as the roles of automation and data in transportation

“We’re looking forward to an active and productive year,” McCullough said.