Executive Director

Catherine McCullough is Founder and Executive Director of the Intelligent Car Coalition, a group of industry leaders in automated and connected transportation.

In 2012 Catherine saw that the diverse auto, tech and telecommunications industries would converge and transform transportation, and pioneered the concept of ‘bringing people along’ by talking about the societal benefits of autonomous and connected vehicles. She built the ICC and guided Fortune 500 members through newly emerging regulatory territory. Together, they have helped spur the marketplace into one that welcomes life-saving innovations.

Catherine was raised in Washington and has spent the last three decades working in rooms where decisions are made. Prior to building and operating the ICC, she led teams to resolve critical issues for corporate clients as a government affairs consultant. Before that, she served as a Counsel for the powerful U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation working on issues shaping the tech, auto, insurance, and consumer product industries.

Catherine is an attorney and also holds degrees in Journalism and Political Science.

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